WELL ID 4D Caliper – 12 ¼” borehole

We use the WELL ID DrillEnlight Software to make intuitive and informative visualizations of the bore hole.



WELL ID offers a range of Services to the customer based on novel data analysis of the surface data and downhole data. DrillEnlight is a software package designed specifically to handle large amounts of data. DrillEnlight also enables the user to quickly zoom into details of big data to discover what is going on downhole. 

A key is how we automatically time synchronize and correlate different datasets, for example downhole 5000Hz drilling dynamics with surface drilling data at 20Hz. WELL ID exploits such these frequent measurements to increase drilling performance and reduce Non-Productive Time. By using DrillEnlight we can detect the best drilling parameters for your current and future wells.

With the use of the WELL ID Drilling Approach,
we can improve the drilling performance:


Offshore Core-Scanning

The GeoEnlight Handheld Core Scanner identifies oil/water content and Gamma Rays in cores on rigsites. Information about cores is decision point at rigsite (core, drill or plug well).
The log from the GeoEnlight Core Scanner provides precise identification of oil/water contact as per below.

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